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TRANSPORTCEO - 31/01/2018
China starts to reject foreign garbage.

The asiatic giant has begun to implement the measure of rejecting garbage imported from other countries after the July 2017 announcement. China is imposing stricter conditions than those it transmitted.

China has begun to reject imports of garbage from other countries, as already announced last July. The thresholds governing this waste are stricter than expected. The Chinese Government's decision threatens to convert more than 5 million TEUs that will not enter the country into landfills.

This country is the world's largest importer of garbage. However, it receives about 30 million tonnes of waste paper and another 8 million tonnes of plastic. Because of these reasons, there is no easy solution to this problem. It is possible that the exit may pass through countries such as India, Malaysia or Vietnam, although it is difficult for them to reach the management capacity that China had.

China has already received requests to rectify its position on the tons of garbage that have been left unattended. Companies have also changed the way they operate, fearing that waste will have to remain in containers for a long time. When China made the announcement in July 2017, shipping companies feared a drop in reserves. So far, however, the impact of the Chinese government's measures has been minimal, according to Drewry.

Major exporters of waste paper to China include the United States with more than 13.2 million tonnes, Japan and Great Britain. Estimates put the number of containers at risk at 4-5 million TEUs due to China's decision on waste imports, accounting for 3% of total container traffic.

Although China's measure will affect almost 3% of the world's container traffic, the shipping business is not at all in jeopardy, as this is a tiny fraction of the total.




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