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Extended Kögel Euro Trailer.

Benefits of the extended semi-trailer: ten percent fuel saving, ten percent less CO2 emissions, multi-modality and public acceptance. Increasing demand in Europe. Euro Trailers are permitted to use the entire road network of federal states in Germany participating in the field trial.The German Ministry of Transport has announced regular operation – a binding decision is to be made in the autumn.

Thomas Eschey: "Euro Trailers reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in goods transport without changes to the existing transport infrastructure, and should therefore be in regular operation on the roads in future."

In 2016, the field trial for innovative commercial vehicles in Germany is due to come to a close. The number of federal states participating in the trial continues to grow. In some cases, however, such as North Rhine-Westphalia, the trial applies only to extended trailers. As a result, the Kögel Euro Trailer, extended by 1.3 metres, has returned to the spotlight. Although Federal Transport Minister, Alexander Dobrindt, has repeatedly announced the transition to regular operation, a binding decision is yet to be made. Regular operation is to be definitively announced in the autumn. As soon as there is a concrete decision from the Federal Ministry for Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI), Kögel will offer Euro Trailer versions of the Cargo, Cool, Box and Mega trailers, in accordance with the latest requirements.

Experiences with, and obstacles for, the Kögel Euro Trailer

Kögel invented the innovative Euro Trailer concept and has already been offering the trailer, extended by 1.3 metres, for ten years in a variety of body versions. Even before the German field trials for innovative commercial vehicles in January 2012, around 300 Kögel Euro Trailers, at that time still called the "Big Maxx", were running on German roads with exception permits and were able to demonstrate their benefits since 2006. There are around 1,000 Euro Trailers in use right across Europe. A benefit of the Euro Trailer in Germany: unlike the Long Trucks, that are 7 metres longer, it is permitted to use the entire road network of participating states. For example, since 2015, North Rhine-Westphalia only permits extended trailers as part of the field trial for innovative commercial vehicles, but not the 25.25-metre Long Trucks. This means that the Euro Trailer is permitted in 10 out of 16 German federal states. Incidentally, at 17.8 metres, the extended semi-trailer combination is still shorter than articulated trucks, at 18.75 metres.

Other benefits of the Kögel Euro Trailer
Having a length of 14.9 metres, the capacity of the Euro Trailer increases by 10 m³, making it both more economical and more environmentally-friendly. With double level loading this allows you to transport up to eight more pallets. This results in a substantial reduction in fuel consumption per pallet transported. A ten percent lower CO2 emission rate with the same fuel consumption as compared with a standard trailer is confirmed by RWTH Aachen/Prof. Wallentowitz. The extended trailer thus represents the ideal solution for dealing with ever-increasing transport volumes. Since the Euro Trailer is also shorter than a standard articulated combination, there is a positive effect on traffic safety and on existing infrastructure, such as parking facilities. The Kögel Euro Trailer reduces transport costs, saves fuel, minimises CO2 emissions and increases the efficiency of forwarding operations.

"We are waiting for the binding decision of the BMVI, and then we will be ready to deliver", explains Thomas Eschey, Managing Director of Production and Technology at Kögel.

Extended trailers advocated by many throughout Europe
Throughout Germany, the demand of extended semi-trailers increases. A lot of transport companies and even large shippers, for example, from the chemical industry asks for the extended Euro Trailer.
Across Europe, logistics associations, politicians of various factions, and even automobile clubs, regard the extended trailer as a highly promising concept for the efficient transport of goods in the future.

"The fact that the Kögel Euro Trailer can make a substantial contribution to a reduction in our CO2 emissions is proven by around a thousand extended Kögel trailers that have been rolling on European roads for years now", says Thomas Eschey, Managing Director of Production and Technology at Kögel. "Kögel Euro Trailers make a proven significant contribution to an increase in economical and ecological efficiency in goods transport and should therefore be in regular operation on the roads in future."




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