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ECG Malta.

Digitalization, markets and consolidation of the finished vehicle logistics sector.

The finished vehicle logistics association, ECG, held its assembly and spring congress in Malta with the digitalization as a conference theme. However, the biggest concerns of the sector are that after a few years of recovery of volumes of cars to be transported the level of inventories in Europe are rising. The situation is not worrisome because the first quarter has been very good in Europe, with growths of 8% to 10% in markets such as Italian, Spanish and others, bringing the recovery of car sales has been noticed for another year.

In general, the vehicle carrier sector in Europe is happy with its volumes and although there are still a lot more cars, for example half a million cars in the Italian market to recover the pre-crisis figures, the volumes are already considered very Acceptable and important.

The congress was attended by representatives of the General Directorate of the European Union, DGConnect, the Federation of Ports and, above all, the automobile industry.

More than 100 delegates were present, breaking the previous records of the Association, which in the Spanish case welcomed the representatives of Sesé, a new member of the Association that in recent years has increased its membership quickly.

The Spanish representation can be said to have been the most nourished of all, Marcos Duato, after the German, the coordinator and director of the port and shipping committee of the ECG, but also attended by Carlos Artigas, Julien Clemont of Sintax now CAT, Simon Lange And Mathias Dreher de Sesé, Agustín Fernández de UECC, Samuel Nevado de Transfesa, Javier Beltrán de General Motors, Ignacio Manzano and Agustin Maria and Luis Wilhelmi de Tradisa, among others, which makes each year our representation in one of the most numerous In the European Association of Autotransporters.

This year, the underlying concern was the consolidation of the sector where privately some representatives said they were concerned about the purchase of STVA by CAT, which would increase its market share in some markets by over 75%. Apparently, vehicle manufacturers are considering asking competition authorities to put limits on the operation.

As will be known, and this means has reported, CAT has an exclusive negotiation agreement with SNCF, the owner of the French company STVA for its acquisition. Thus, it seems that Gefco and Mossolf, who had bid for it, will see how the company of Manuel Antelo, CAT, is made with the French company that has about 4,000 staff and 650 trucks, and more than 1,500 wagons and terminals in All Europe.

Delegates informed to this medium that in Spain CAT would have almost 75% of the market and its only competitors would be Tradisa and SETRAM between the big operators.

The sector breathes some optimism after the crisis and the volumes of cars are recovering even in markets like the Italian who was very depressed.

The event was an organizational success attending a record of delegates. In the assembly was used to give the titles of the ECG Academy, a training work of the sector very important in the ECG.




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