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HUMBAUR, will be offering a wide range of vehicle bodies and trailer solutions for the distribution of goods by road.

The company, from Gersthofen in Germany, is thus responding to the increasing effect of urbanisation in metropolitan areas and the booming market for courier, express & parcel services.

The local transport of a variety of goods is increasingly necessary and is of ever-increasing importance. This concerns both deliveries to companies and shops as well as to private households and consumers. HUMBAUR has understood what needs to be done and, for the first time, it is presenting a range of courier, express & parcel vehicle bodies and trailers at the 66th IAA commercial vehicles trade fair 2016 in Hannover.

HUMBAUR meets the needs of modern logistics in a variety of ways. The basic focus is always on the collection and distribution of goods, no matter whether they are sensitive fresh goods or any other type of package to be delivered. Speed, reliability and cost-effectiveness are always important. The new HUMBAUR box bodywork and trailers have been designed in close cooperation with the automotive industry as well as leading European logistics companies, and are extremely efficient and tough. Once again, HUMBAUR is using its decades of experience to meet current requirements for transport and innovation, by providing very practical, high quality vehicles for today’s and tomorrow’s distribution services.

All of HUMBAUR’s new box bodywork is characterised by a robust, lightweight construction. The material of the future at HUMBAUR is called PurFerro or PurAlu. These new sandwich panels are used in all of HUMBAUR’s box bodywork versions. This is just one more indication of HUMBAUR's commitment to progress and lightweight construction. PurFerro panels are 100 percent CFC-free and have a polyurethane (PUR) foam core. A dense foam is used for the hard foam core to make the panels more solid. The whole panel is strengthened with a tough, easy-care steel or aluminium outer layer on each side, which is then coated with polyester paint. The sandwich walls provide outstanding heat insulation and protection for the inside of the trailer from fluctuations in temperature and the weather. The high level of protection from the effects of temperature reduces your energy consumption and cuts costs. The sandwich panels are made in a single piece, so they are robust, extremely resistant to ageing and impervious to water vapour, making them an outstanding basis for a strong, durable sandwich box trailer. The walls of the trailer are coloured in a uniform white (RAL 9010) inside and out and have mainly smooth surfaces. This makes cleaning easier; but also, with PurFerro it is easier to add lettering and coats of paint because most of the previous silicone joints have gone.

HUMBAUR also takes great care with load securing. The interiors of the boxes or trailers are individually equipped with cargo securing rails, anchor strips and lashing points on walls and floor, as well as a horizontal tie rod system. To meet customer requirements, there are options of installing all  the common anchoring rails (e.g. round holes, slotted ties, airline rails, ...) on the side walls of the trailer box. These can also be used to fasten floor and roof rods. One special highlight is definitively the fact that HUMBAUR can also recess slotted tie rails flush with the side walls. This ensures that maximum use can be made of the cargo space. Loads can be secured with straps via a slot integrated in the profile for the floor frame close to the side walls. Using slot nuts, any number of lashing points can be fitted at the required spacing. Full compliance is thus possible with regulations on the securing of cargo. Be it pallets, CC trolleys, individual packages or fresh goods, the safety level is always high. All HUMBAUR van bodies and trailers can be supplied with an internal loading ramp, a lifting platform or an access ramp. This means that the vehicles can always be ideally loaded and unloaded, whether with or without a separate trailer. Inside, the boxes are well protected from tough day-to-day use by rubbing strips which are flush with the floor.

The roof of the new box bodies also catches the attention of users. It can be ordered to be either opaque or to let light in, as required for the transport.

We place particular importance on the supply of retail businesses and private households, on the logistics for food and drink. Of course, the durable HUMBAUR refrigerated bodies comply with the strict regulations concerning the transport of food.

All HUMBAUR chassis and auxiliary frames are hot-dip galvanised as usual, which makes them very resistant and durable.

It is a matter of course that the new complete courier, express & parcel solutions from HUMBAUR handle well on the road, and are cost-effective. As a manufacturer of trailers, we pay great attention to the protection of the environment and of our climate. In future there will be even more goods distributed by road and HUMBAUR is very well prepared for that.

Do come and visit us at the 66th IAA commercial vehicles trade fair from 22nd to 29th September 2016 in Hall 27, at our shared stand with Kögel. We look forward to seeing you there.




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