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IATA wants all airlines to assume their Cargo Handling Manual.

The International Air Transport Association, IATA, wants all air cargo airlines to adopt the Cargo Handling Manual that it has designed. It is a set of standards for all involved in cargo operations that helps airlines and handlers operate more efficiently to improve efficiency and safety in air cargo operations.

The ICHM provides the airlines with guidance and work instructions for Cargo Handling activities. To encourage its adoption, 16 of the most prestigious airlines shared and merged their own Cargo Handling Manuals to create the standard manual for all.

By adopting ICHM, airlines can reduce their operational manual distribution requirements and their supervision by adopting recommended practice. In addition, it enables a single standard audit, developing mutual recognition for freight handling based on agreed standards and enhanced assessments in Smart Facility.

Therefore, for airlines it eliminates the need to document specific procedures and to react individually to sudden requirements and the improved standards are easier to implement once the complete process and procedure is documented.

It also significantly reduces the rejection of shipments, allows for greater speed and efficiency, a standardized approach and greater consistency in the acceptance process and fewer audits, resulting in
greater cost savings.




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