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JOST Group presents numerous innovations at IAA 2016.

Alongside its diverse product range of components and systems for truck and trailer, the JOST Group will be presenting new innovations and developments at IAA Commercial Vehicles 2016 in Hanover from 22 September to 29 September 2016. Highlights of JOST's presentation at IAA will also include trailer axles engineered by Mercedes-Benz, which will be displayed for the first time under the JOST brand. The JSK 34 sensor coupling version of the ultralight JSK 34 fifth wheel coupling, which was especially developed for tankers and silo trucks, will be presented for the first time at IAA in Hanover.

Along with axles and fifth wheel couplings, JOST offers one of the world's most comprehensive product ranges for landing gears – including the electrical Modul E-Drive landing gear, which will debut at the JOST stand in Hall 26. Also being presented at the JOST stand are the proven, multi-award-winning towing hitches available under the ROCKINGER brand. TRIDEC, JOST World's brand for trailer axle steering systems and single wheel suspensions, presents the new EF-S steering system for trailers, which offers entirely new options for driving, manoeuvring and safety thanks to sophisticated sensor technology and remote control. The particularly lightweight CS 17-5 tipping hoist cylinder for semi-trailers is the highlight among the hydraulic systems presented at IAA by Edbro, part of the JOST Group.

JOST trailer axles

Located in Kassel-Calden, JOST Trailer Achsen Systeme GmbH began manufacturing and distributing trailer axles engineered by Mercedes-Benz in January 2015. The product range includes disc-braked trailer and semi-trailer axles for standard, mega and distribution vehicle applications, as well as steered axles. JOST trailer axles are especially known for their unique durable compact axle, which gives the DCA axle series its name. The DCA axle beam incorporates the axle tube, trailing arm, brake flange and axle journal in a single unit. This innovative design makes for an extremely light yet robust construction. In combination with the maintenance-free compact bearing and the wheel heads for 19.5-inch or 22.5-inch wheels, which have been tried and tested millions of times, this results in a very long product life with a minimum of required maintenance. A broad spectrum of add-on parts allows a wide variety of applications to be covered with just one axle – from tankers and silo trucks to standard and mega curtain-siders and even dump trucks.

DCA WEIGHTMASTER: the standard trailer axle

The DCA WEIGHTMASTER forms the basis of the DCA series. Thanks to the integral axle and weight-optimised components, such as wheel head, brake and air bellows, the DCA WEIGHTMASTER is characterised by a particularly low weight, starting at 381 kilograms, thus allowing maximum payloads at minimum maintenance and life cycle costs. It can be configured for wheels with a diameter of 19.5 inches or 22.5 inches. With its modular structure, the DCA WEIGHTMASTER is suitable for many trailer applications, from platform semi-trailers to silo trucks.

DCA AIRMASTER: Axle and compressed air storage in one

At IAA, JOST is presenting the only axle in the world whose housing stores compressed air for the brake system and pneumatic suspension – the DCA AIRMASTER. The storage capacity for compressed air is up to 40 litres per axle. The DCA AIRMASTER replaces the conventional compressed-air tanks used on semi-trailers, thereby reducing weight by up to 50 kilograms and freeing up space beneath the trailer.

DCA STEERMASTER: Trailer steering axle for reduced tyre wear
The DCA STEERMASTER trailer steering axle is ideal in combination with other DCA axles. It features a steering angle of up to 21 degrees, making the trailer much easier to manoeuvre around narrow bends. The steering axle also reduces tyre wear and the truck's fuel consumption. Like all DCA axles, the DCA STEERMASTER uses tried-and-tested components from the DCA axle construction set – for great versatility and reliability.

DCA RAILMASTER: for combined transport

The DCA RAILMASTER is designed for use in combined road-rail-sea traffic. In order to prevent the air bellows being damaged when the semi-trailer is lifted by crane, JOST uses a separated air bellows system with two interlocking components in the DCA RAILMASTER. The two parts separate when the semi-trailer is lifted and return to their original position when it is set down. The DCA RAILMASTER is available in the usual wide range of versions.

DCA PAVEMASTER: the roadworks professional

The DCA PAVEMASTER has a special feature: an optimised air bellows support topography especially for tippers in road finisher applications. The resulting positioning of the air bellows helps to prevent damage that can occur during road finishing work. Thanks to the ride heights it can achieve, the DCA PAVEMASTER is suitable for all tipper applications. The axle is designed to be extremely robust, allowing it to cope with the difficult challenges posed by road construction.
Now available: original spare parts for all JOST and Mercedes-Benz trailer axles

Following last year’s acquisition of DCA trailer axles from Mercedes-Benz, JOST Achsen GmbH has now also taken over production and sales of all original spare parts. This means that, for the first time, original spare parts for Mercedes-Benz trailer axles manufactured before 2015 are available from all JOST service partners and as original JOST spare parts from the independent aftermarket.

Ultralight fifth wheel coupling JSK 34 with LubeTronic1Point

The new, ultralight JSK 34 fifth wheel coupling is now also available in a low-maintenance version featuring JOST's own LubeTronic1Point for automatic lockjaw lubrication, which has proven itself time and time again. With this automatic system, reliable lubrication is guaranteed for three years.

The ultra-light JSK 34 cast fifth wheel coupling is designed for two-inch king pins and can reduce the system weight by up to 40 kg in some series. It is especially suitable for all weight-sensitive transports, such as tanker and silo transports. JOST has equipped the JSK 34 with a newly-developed hybrid bearing to increase driving comfort and service life while also reducing the dynamic load on the vehicle’s frame. This type of bearing combines the robustness and shock absorbing performance of a rubber bearing with the frame-friendly properties of a plastic bearing.

The JOST JSK 34 fifth wheel coupling will be displayed for the first time by MAN at IAA 2016 and will go into series production in April 2017.
VOLVO has been integrating the JSK 34 successfully in its series production since June 2016.




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