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More shooting incidents in Germany.

It is more than two years since the German police finally identified and arrested a truck driver who was responsible for a spate of more than 700 shootings on the German highways over a period of some five years.

Regrettably ECG has now been informed about three new shooting incidents in Germany. The first case, reported by AvtoTransporti Kastelec, took place in October this year in the area between Bremen and Kassel in Germany. Several cars were damaged. Three other cases have been reported by BLG in November and December. The first one happened in the area near Aurich, Germany on 10th November when three vehicles were damaged. The second case was reported on 24th November, but the location has not been yet identified as it was only discovered at the end of the journey. The third case happened on 21st December but the location of the shooting is also unidentified. Police are investigating all these cases.

We are publishing this information to make you aware of these incidents as well as to help you to identify their area of occurrence. In case you have any information regarding similar cases of shooting please inform ECG as well as the authorities. ECG has also created a dedicated page on the website from where you can download a reporting form. ECG will create a database of all incidents of shooting to help with co-ordination so we need as many details as possible. There is a clear risk of people getting hurt and we need to do everything we can to help.




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