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New axle from SAF-HOLLAND wins Trailer Innovation award 2017.

SAF-HOLLAND is at the forefront and receives the “Trailer Innovation 2017” award for its new, hydraulically driven SAF TRAK axle. The prize is awarded every two years with numerous new products in the commercial vehicle industry entered in different categories.

The vehicle and axle manufacturer SAF-HOLLAND shows its potential and beat the competition: the Trailer Innovation award 2017 in the chassis category goes to the hydraulically driven SAF TRAK axle.

The axle is an economically viable alternative to expensive four-wheel drive tractor units with high purchase prices and operating costs. The integrated additional drive takes the required performance precisely where it is needed: directly to the trailer. Here, the drive axle carries the full axle load and is able to transmit the additional drive torque.

Awards in the field of lorries and trailers: Trailer Innovation
The “Trailer Innovation” platform presents interesting new products: every two years, companies can enter their new products or solutions in the categories Concept, Chassis, Body, Safety, Environment and Smart Trailer. The innovations have to feature significant technical improvements that increase efficiency in road freight transport, offer economic advantages and facilitate the operations of forwarding companies. The jury, consisting of 14 trade journalists from leading European transport magazines, determines the winners after careful examination of the products. The winners receive a trophy and a certificate along with the permission to use the “Trailer Innovation 2017” logo. “We are proud that our SAF TRAK has convinced the jury and won the Trailer Innovation award for 2017.

The award reassures us that the SAF-HOLLAND products meet the highest quality standards which of course we will continue to offer our customers in the future,” says Detlef Borghardt, CEO of the SAF-HOLLAND Group.

SAF TRAK: winner of the trailer award and a winner in daily use The axle prevailed over numerous competing products and won: the SAF TRAK is optimised for trailers in the 9 tonne standard range in on-road and off-road use, in particular for tippers and sliding floor vehicles operating at construction sites or landfills. When the auxiliary drive is needed, the driver activates it from his tractor unit with the press of a button. The system automatically recognises the direction of travel and independently switches into stand-by mode when the brakes are applied or when a pre-defined speed is exceeded. If the speed is reduced, for example due to a lack of traction, the drive automatically returns from stand-by. The hydraulically driven motor is durable and has low maintenance requirements, ensuring that the new trailer axle has an




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