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New companion text for transport managers and operators.

A subject thought only for the eyes of transport lawyers, knowledge of the rules and regulations of transport operator licensing benefits everyone in the industry, from the senior manager to the fleet operator. In a field where most experts are self-taught, there needs to be a go-to source of information from reputable experts.

Transport Operator Licensing: A Practical Guide for Goods and Passenger Operators, publishing on 3 May, 2017, provides this knowledge source. Written by two experienced legal executives in the industry, this book is the ideal companion for operators and legal practitioners. Full of simple yet rich text, this new title covers operators of goods and passenger vehicles, and it provides practical examples to help consolidate knowledge.

Alec Horner, Chief Executive of the Association of Trainers, provided advanced praise for the book, saying ‘This compendium of compliance issues is of great benefit to those wishing to comply with as much as possible of the legislative framework surrounding transport operator licensing. It concisely explains the legalities in a comprehensive and logical way. I have no hesitation in recommending this volume.’




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