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TRANSPORTCEO - 18/12/2018
World Container Index: detailed assessment.

The composite index is down 3.8% this week, however, 42% up as compared with same period of 2017.

The average composite index of the WCI, assessed by Drewry for year-to-date, is US $1,514/40ft container, which is $1 lower than the five-year average of $1,515/40ft container.

Drewry’s composite World Container Index (WCI) has gone down by 3.8% to touch $1,643.06 per 40ft containers – a change of $64. The rates on Shanghai-New York fell by $267 from $3,716 to reach $3,449 per feu. Freight rates from Shanghai to Los Angeles dropped by $243 over the last week to stand at $2,186 for a 40ft container. Meanwhile, rates on Shanghai-Rotterdam went up by $46 to reach $1,579 per feu. Similarly, rates on Shanghai-Genoa increased to $1,608 – a change of $83 – for a 40ft box. On the other hand, rates from Rotterdam to Shanghai are down by $49 to touch $571 for a 40ft box. Drewry expects rates to remain stable next week.

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